This Is A Signal Fire

This is a spark of light that’s gonna burn bright against the darkness, this is poetry, art, photography, inspiration, and a community of light chasers delivered daily to your email inbox. This is an escape from the negativity that bombards you daily in the form of politics, finances, and whatever it is to be an adult in this day and age. This is a signal fire in the night sky, a call back home.

Why Should I Sign Up?

If that message above didn’t light your damn fire and make you wanna scream FREEDOM across the Silicon Valley of all things social medias, then I have failed you. Bottom line, sign up to receive all the art I create, all the poetry and photography all the inspiration, directly to your inbox so you don’t have to go looking for it. No algorithms, no computer telling you what you should see, just you, and just me.

If It’s Free, Why Pay To Subscribe?

Good karma, for one, and if that isn’t enough, jump behind the paywall to get full access to this signal fire and the entire community of light chasers, and well, Me, behind the scenes. I’ll be interacting, discussing, engaging, and spreading these sparks right there with you. You’ll also be helping me put food on the table, and letting me continue making this far away from the social medias that have been dragging us down. Damn the man, let’s connect.

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Chase the Light

I really do want you to be part of a community of people who share your interests, who believe that there’s always room for hope, and who spend their lives seeking out all those miracles in the mundane, away from the things of man, chasing that light.

Who Am I?

I am Tyler Knott Gregson, a nationally best-selling author, poet, traveling photographer, Buddhist, and proud Autistic. To find out more about me, head to or if you’re so inclined, follow me on those silly socials @TylerKnott.

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